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About Idryll

Here at Idryll, our mission is to design and realise your you Digital Future. We are a boutique consulting practice that helps our clients seamlessly absorb and successfully utilise disruptive Digital technologies so that they can focus on what matters - becoming a Digital business. Through our comprehensive suite of services, we ensure our client harness Digital technology, stay ahead in the ever-changing technology landscape and maximise their overall business success.

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Our Services

IT Transformation for your business needs

With years of Digital Transformation experience, Idryll's offers a comprehensive set of design services that take into account to every aspect of your organisation's needs. We know that every client needs to differentiate, our team will tailor and optimise your digital capabilities to meet the demands of your business.

Assessing your Digital Future

We support customers wishing to start their Digital journey. Thorough our Digital Readiness assessment, we assess there Digital maturity of the customer. Using the output of this assessment and the customer's business vision, mission and business ambitions , we then define leadership, organisation, process and technological stepping stones required to take the customer to a Digital Future that meets their business needs.

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Mapping your Digital Future

Even successful journey starts with a good roadmap. We support our customers to create a best-in-class Digital Roadmaps to make their business strategy a reality. We combine our experience, our customer's strategy  and customer experience assessments to helps us to define a Digital Roadmap for their future.

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Digital Operating System Design

Designing your Digital Future

Every digital business has a unique Digital Operating System to define the way the business works with its customers and its own staff. We support customers to design their unique Digital Operating Systems to underpin their Digital business. This design includes designing reference architecture design, technology partner ecosystem and the User eXperience (UX) for all business users required to make successful Digital services.

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Digital Operating System Build

Building your Digital Future

We manage the build out of our customer's Digital Operating System. This includes all the Agile delivery of the disruptive Digital technology PoC and their integration with legacy technology and business applications.

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Digital Business Scaling

Scaling to meet Digital demand

Once we the customer's Digital Operating System is in place it needs to continually evolve and scale . We guide our clients through the operational , evolution, scaling and tuning of their Digital business. We do this  by measuring,  and continuously tuning their Digital Operating System throughout its lifecycle.

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